Since inception in 1995 as a Volunteers Board, and its expansion to a Civil Society in 1997; Congregación Mariana Trinitaria has worked hard to offer different opportunities to people who want to have good health.

That is the reason why CMT develops a Health Model created by our founder, Dra. H. C. Catalina Mendoza Arredondo, whose objective is to restore integral potential in patients by means of an innovative therapy called “Escuchar al Cuerpo”, developed after a deep study on Mayan Traditional Medicine.
For Congregación Mariana Trinitaria, health is the main support to develop physical, mental and social welfare in people.
Since 1995, we have provided assistance to patients with different clinical illnesses such as: renal and hepatic diseases, lower back pain, hemorrhoids, dermatitis, asthma, migraine, etc. Thanks to our health model combined with allopathic medicine prescribed by doctors, we have contributed to a complete recovery in our patients.

Our health model allows us to offer global attention to people coming from different backgrounds without any kind of limitation, contraindication or side effects related to matters of gender or age, in any of the people who were given assistance.
Patients treatment has two fundamental objectives:

Establishing an ideal doctor-patient relationship, which is the determining factor to succeed on therapeutic treatment.

Relieving nerve knots that might be a consequence of the somatization of emotions caused by stress, anxiety, neurosis, depression or any other disease.

A patient’s treatment takes three days. We have contributed to the recovery of more than ten thousand patients by encouraging them to continue with their allopathic treatments in tandem with their therapy.

Currently, we continue providing assistance to new patients using our Health Model. We established partnerships with several universities with the objective of studying our Health Model while deepening student’s knowledge and developing its systematization and validation processes. Our partners are Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas, Universidad LaSalle Noroeste and Universidad Anáhuac de Oaxaca.

We continuously work to guarantee the welfare of our patients because health is our key priority. That is why we impulse through investigation, the therapeutic outcomes of traditional medicine so as to deepen knowledge and to enhance the spread of information.
According to the information mentioned by the World Health Organization in its reports about Traditional Medicine 2014-2023, we are firmly convinced of our work on this area in order to:

Include traditional medicine into national health programs.

Promote security, efficiency, and quality of traditional medicine.

Improve the availability of traditional medicine, especially for people who live in poverty

Promote its rational therapeutic use among experts and users.

In order to guarantee progress in this area, in Congregación Mariana Trinitaria we are working hard to get more collaborations and partnerships to move forward on research, deepen in knowledge, and to share information about the convocation for the Award Catalina Mendoza Arredondo to Traditional and Complementary Medicine researchers.