6th Edition

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Magazine 1

Dignifying conditions of life is a responsibility we all have been given so, since inception, Congregación Mariana Trinitaria performs actions to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable people.


Magazine 2

Health is a topic that cannot be put aside, especially when we are looking for integral health, that is to say, we want people to feel good not only physically, but also psychologically and emotionally.


Magazine 3

Since inception as a volunteers board, almost 20 years ago, Congregación Mariana Trinitaria has focused on developing its integral health model “Listening to the body” by implementing actions that may complement social development


Magazine 4

Beliefs and perceptions (tacit and explicit) are as important in social transformation as tangible, measurable, and evaluable factors, with no regards on its degree of certainty. This way, we want to raise consciousness about the importance of having a critical and objective point of view


Magazine 5

Nowadays, we use the word “development” without thinking enough about it. Such word has multiple meanings and undoubtedly, it has become an essential referent for people