CMT has created a functional and defined structure that involves all those factors that may have impact on health, social development and welfare.
Ecosystem of Welfare CMT is the name given to this structure, which is oriented to specific topics organized in categories that have been named “chains”.
Ecosystem of Welfare CMT is an operational and programmatic platform, made of 11 “chains”.
These “chains” allow projects in short, medium, and long terms to create a current and innovative portfolio to potentialize public policies and financial resources to benefit people.
Those “chains” identify and adapt to national and international guidelines, which may also contribute to development framework, and collaborative work to promote welfare in communities.
Each “chain” matches directly or indirectly to one or more than one of the 17 Sustainable Development Objectives described in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development provided by United Nations.
Each objective aims at contributing to world programs to stop poverty, and to fight against inequality and injustice.
Each “chain” of Ecosystem of Welfare CMT contributes to the following objectives and goals.
It provides assistance to public problems and public policies to create challenges to impact on shortages and poverty.
This perspective is based on coordinated actions, and it allows to organize each process effectively in order to potentialize transversal interventions, and to increase the impact of those actions.
Actions performed by CMT focus on transforming quality of life of people in Mexico.
CMT has the main objective of contributing to welfare and development of people in Mexico, especially for those in vulnerable situations.
CMT believes that each person has rights and obligations, and that they must be co-responsible for their own development.
One of the principles in CMT Philosophy is based on the comprehension of collective work as the only way to guarantee significant results.
Tequio, Guelaguetza and Asamblea are principles that regulate the actions performed by CMT, which have caused an impact on millions of families.
CMT wants to be an option for public works, which forms teams and also complements the availability of public resources managed by the three levels of government and solidary participants.
Ecosystem of Welfare CMT was designed and planned according to national and international standards such as CEPAL, CONEVAL and SHCP.
Thanks to the methodology implemented in each “chain”, it is possible to monitor and evaluate their impacts.
CMT follows active policies to establish strategic partnerships, especially with citizens, which are considered the fundamental reason of the social actions performed by CMT and the government.
CMT has embraced important values such as solidarity, respect, social justice, equality, human dignity, participation and collaboration, as well as independence and sustainability.
For 23 years, CMT has worked hard to develop projects that benefit communities, and as a result, we currently have more than 82 million beneficiaries and 3,128 volunteers in Mexico and Latin America.
Through social organization and the sum of efforts, beneficiaries are able to improve their conditions of life.
It is important for CMT to contribute to decrease poverty rates and to provide services to poor families in Mexico.
CMT wants to get involved in the works performed by federal, state, and municipal authorities; in order to involve society members, public, and private institutions.
Having a good health implies to analyze your inside self and then, let flow all the emotions you might have encapsulated in your body.
The Model of Alternative Medicine was created by Dr. hc. Catalina Mendoza Arredondo and its objective is to restore integral health and full potential in people.
Restoring health is possible thanks to an innovative therapy called “Listening to the body”, among others that may be used to complement it.
We contributed to restore health in patients who combined our therapy with allopathic treatments to recover from their health complaints.
Our therapy can be used with people of any age because it does not have any side effect or collateral damage.
This model based on Alternative Medicine has rescued old practices and knowledge coming from native communities that might have been related to Mesoamerican Civilizations.
For Mesoamerican Civilizations the four elements: water, fire, wind and earth; were very important to find a cure for health complaints.
“I discovered that there were many ways to heal the body, the mind and spirit, if you succeed in learning their language” Dr. hc. Catalina Mendoza Arredondo.
“My dreams were the best places I could learn in” Dr. hc. Catalina Mendoza Arredondo.
A warm welcome frames the first contact with patients who will be assisted in the therapies that will restore their full potential.
Body may warn you about problems even if you still do not have any complaint.
Therapies aim to restore full potential in emotional, physical, and mental areas.
It is possible to identify peculiar body constitution and physical postures in sick people.
A record has to be done to include symptoms, previous treatments, and results from recent medical examinations in order to integrate a full diagnosis.
The model of Alternative Medicine aims to relieve nerve knots that may be a consequence of traumatic situations coming from distant or immediate past.
Resistance to change, anger, rage, and emotional standstills in areas or dimensions of life, tend to turn into a breeding ground for diseases.
This health model also provides strength to patients who will face severe allopathic treatments, so that they could complete them with minor physical or emotional affectation.
The expert rings a little bell all over the patient’s body, who lays on a stretcher.
Any change in the sound of the bell may indicate a tension point that might affect the patient's health.
Sometimes, the bell clapper does not produce any sound, which implies serious problems, difficult or painful experiences that were somatized in such a way that they may affect specific zones in the body, mind, or spirit.
Massage therapy stimulates energy channels by using fists, fingers and elbows. Finger pressure starts in the head, and continues through torso, abdomen, limbs, belly and back areas.
Depending on each situation, the expert may push using fingers and palms, squeeze, pinch, press, feel by rubbing in circles, slide thumbs, hit softly or shake.
Sauna sessions, hydro massage, and vaporizations combined with plants with anti-inflammatory, sedative, or analgesic properties are used to relax muscles and to dilate blood vessels.
This model of Alternative Medicine belongs to another category, different from wellness system or integrative medicine, which come from the seventies.