Welfare Ecosystem Model

Welfare Ecosystem Model

Our “Welfare Ecosystem Model”, consists of a structure developed by Congregación Mariana Trinitaria, A.C., which is compatible and complementary for the tasks to be made and needs we detect on the different entities in the public, private, and social sectors. It is made up of 11 networks that contribute to the improvement of health; welfare; as well as environmental, rural, economic, and community development of people, especially people in vulnerable situations.

The CMT Welfare Ecosystem Model can be managed through four ways, each one of them includes general guidelines to operate with solid guarantees regarding legal, administrative, procedural, and financial matters.

In order to operate our CMT networks, those involved in the management either public, private, or social must have in mind that each program needs resources that must come from licit, human, material, technological and economic activities, which are necessary to correctly operate the institutional actions that will be performed.