Dossier CMT

Dossier CMT

Congregación Mariana Trinitaria was created after the dream and initiatives of Doctor honoris causa Catalina Mendoza, who deeply believed in finding a balance in life quality through healthcare and integral welfare. Therefore, healthcare is the foundation to ensure welfare among people and the social development of their contexts.

Experience showed Doctor honoris causa Catalina Mendoza that health is not focused on curing diseases only, since it is necessary to work on prevention too. For that reason, not only she helped her patients using her own healthcare model, but she also focused her energy to combat one of the main issues that affects health, that is to say, poverty.

That is the reason why we have a track record of 26 years contributing to integral-social welfare through the implementation of programs focused on organized community groups, and the development of basic public services.

In order to improve social and integrative welfare, CMT created its “CMT Welfare Ecosystem Model”, made up of 11 networks, which are able to offer integral solutions with the purpose of improving welfare and social-human development of people who need urgent assistance.

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