At national and international levels, public and private institutions have limited resources to impulse knowledge and research that may contribute to identify and solve social and public problems. This difficulty is related to four fundamental reasons: a) low standards in scientific culture and innovation; b) use of limited mechanisms to investigate and to support public intervention and social decoupling; c) limited tools to produce new knowledge, and d) lack of resources allocated to research and development.

As a consequence, Congregación Mariana Trinitaria A.C. through the program “Innovation and Management of Knowledge”, wants to contribute to develop public and social interventions with scientific and methodological background; and also to produce new knowledge that might contribute to development. Those actions will be a consequence of integral solutions to create documents of strategic planning based on results, continuous education, and research on global development in different topics such as: science and technology, housing, food, health, environment, education, water, security, economy, among other topics.