Art, culture, and sports are able to cause healthy interactions to develop personal and social identities. By having spaces such as cultural, artistic, and sports centers; it is possible to foster interchange of knowledge in people; to generate networks to support each other; to encourage a sense of belonging, and also to rehabilitate public areas. However, in developing countries, only from 0.4% to 1.3% of the budget is allocated to works in public spaces. Everyday, young people are usually kept aside and they have to face serious problems like low employability, informal and precarious employments, school dropouts, poverty and marginalization. Despite the importance of this group, they are not included in the decisions related to the development of the country in economic, political and social issues.

For that reason, Congregación Mariana Trinitaria A.C. through the program “Art, Culture, Sports and Youth”, provides support and integral solutions to build, improve or get equipment for cultural, artistic, and sports centers. It also has the objective of creating more opportunities to contribute to the development of young people, specially the ones in vulnerable situations.