Since inception in 1997, we have encouraged integral welfare based on our foundations: healthcare, protection to our environment and society; areas where CMT contributes by making big efforts, doing hard work, and deploying resources to eradicate deprivation in different dimensions. By doing so, we were able to build integrative stability in matters of social development in several communities. From CMT’s perspective, the integral benefits being promoted are based on healthcare and integral welfare to allow continuous improvements on life quality, as well as co-responsible and collaborative work.

For that reason, in 1995 our founder Dr. h.c. Catalina Mendoza Arredondo started implementing her strong conviction and making big efforts to combat the marginalization gaps that affect social development in order to promote sustainable welfare for all the people. Considering her nursing studies, she used her own experience to assist families on health matters so she noticed that deprivation and marginalization directly affect people’s health and welfare. That is to say, severe deprivation causes more vulnerability on the integral health of people, families, and communities.